Mont Pi



Alfred R. Zeisel




The very headstrong, recently divorced journalist Lea Meinhold has to write an article about the red light district in Vienna. She does this reluctantly, as this topic is not interesting enough - too often has already been reported about it in the media. However, during her research she discovers that recently a young female journalist has disappeared in the supposedly extinct red light district run by Viennese pimps. Her job gets even more interesting when she makes ​​the acquaintance of the last "relics" of the original Vienna red light district and their brutal struggle for power, girls and money, while being under heavy pressure by aggressive Russian pimps and their cheap whores. She has to summon all of her forensic, investigative and social skills to solve a past crime in one of the most dangerous environments in Vienna. What she learns during her investigations is of the utmost evil; she not only has to confront her worst fears by risking her life but also has to readjust her moral compass.

Mont Pi  is about extreme male and female archetypes in constant collision: Viennese vs. Russian pimps; a Viennese pimp vs. an intellectual, educated woman and so forth. The Viennese pimps and their hookers are put under such pressure by intruding brutal Russian pimps that the remaining Viennese pimps and hookers retreat to their pub "Ganghofer" as their last haven. Here, in this confined space and time, their suppressed conflicts come to the surface and finally explode sky high.

The movie is a genre mix of drama and action, with detective and thriller elements.

(Length: about 140 minutes.)

The story is based on real events which took place mostly in a Vienna that no longer exists. So I took the liberty and transferred prominent parts of old Vienna like Stephansdom, Riesenrad (the famous Ferris wheel as seen in The Third Man), Kärntner Staße and Graben (famous shopping streets) etc. into new Vienna (from which the dominating skyline of the United Nations headquarters and other skyscrapers will be CGI-ed away). Against this archetypal background - very old houses, small angled, cobblestone streets, pimp cafes with Thonet-chairs etc. - a very real story world unfolds. A modern musical score, partly played by zither, reminds us ever so faintly of The Third Man. (Tim Jones as film composer would do a nice job.)

Mont Pi would be a Viennese version of Scarface. (Yes, there existed one scarfaced pimp in this subculture!)
With the Austrians becoming prominent in film business - Christoph Waltz, Michael Haneke and so on - I thought it is about time to also tell a story about Vienna, the old Vienna of course.


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