The Party

a romantic comedy

by Alfred Zeisel

(c) Alfred Zeisel


Theme: Is a moral man in a world of lies allowed to lie, or has he even to?

The young writer Aurel hasn't found yet the right audience for his plays. They are liked, but not in the right circles. With a variety of jobs, such as weddings speeches and eulogies, he is able to pay his bills. But heavy debts worry him, and Russian mobsters give him a hard time. And as if that weren't enough, his girlfriend has also left him. You could say, Aurel is not a lucky guy. Yet.

Because that is about to change: The wife of prominent Munich physician Gall, who loves Aurels comedies, hires him to arrange the century's party of her husband according to dramaturgical laws, so that it is guaranteed to become an unforgettable event. At that party of the rich and famous, the final negotiations for the financing of her husbands new Super Clinic will take place.

Aurel can finally relax: With this assignment he is not only being able to pay part of his debts, he will also be properly introduced to the top theatre director of Munich who is one of the party guests. All drudgery seems to have paid off. This rosy outlook is also sweetened by the fact that he falls in love. Unfortunately, in Dr. Gall's love interest.

Then the party: everything runs smoothly at first, but soon Aurel is more concerned to prevent mishaps or to sell them as improvisations and party gags. And when the hired Albanian "crooks" - at the climax of the party they should "raid" the party and demand money from the guests (a party gag to get the guests to donate to a charitable organization) - attack the neighbors of the Galls due to some communication problems, and in their place Aurel's Russian Mobsters take over this part, the chaos seems perfect. Now more than just dramaturgical expertise and ability to improvise is needed to save the party, the financing of the new hospital, Aurels writing career and his new love ...

A modern Shakespeare-in-love-story.

A comedy genre mix, consisting of ironic satire, farce and black comedy, with some slapstick episodes.

Length: about 110 minutes


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