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The movie and television scripts, novels and non-fiction books deal mainly with all forms of slavery, oppression and exploitation. Topics covered: hookers, pimps and prostitution; exploitation of the "ordinary" people by the rich and powerful; living in totalitarian systems such as Nazism or Scientology, child abuse and resulting damages...

The novels and movies intend to motivate the reader or viewer to transcend the paradigms and concepts of society. This is achieved with gripping stories, told with humor and interlaced with casual sex. Even the raw and heavy sex-scenes of the movie Mont Pi are part of the plot; never are they told in a way to evoke primitive voyeurism. So delve into some translated materials in the links.

The published new books:

Andre - Die Torturen eines Wieners in Wien (quite unusual odysseys through Rome’s and Vienna’s seedy and criminal underworlds)


Scientology - Mission: Clear Planet (the "technologies" of the Scientology-Enterprises for the first time totally decoded)
Part One: https://amzn.to/2L7ybmu

Part Two: https://amzn.to/2EzW4Cf

The Orion Machination or How the Gods Learned to Laugh Without Being Drunk (a quantumf**k novel about a conspiracy spanning hundreds of eons and several parallel universes, combining action, love, science fiction and thriller elements)



The film projects in planning:

The Party, a modern Shakespeare in Love Comedy; 

Mont Pi, a drama that reveals the darkest side of the human soul: https://quantenmedien.hpage.de/mont-pi-a-drama.html

Jud! - A German Love Affair, a TV series about the tribulations of a pair of lovers in the Third Reich.

English Blog: https://sites.google.com/site/alfredzeisel/blogging-in-english


The Quanten Media are based on the concept that everything starts with an idea; the idea triggers, by accurate inspection, a wavelike motion in the quantum sea; a plan specifies the direction of the wave motion and enhances it; and finally when the wavelike motions fall into particles, the original idea becomes reality…

To better understand above lines here are some quotes by great thinkers:

Buddha, in the "dependent origination", point 2: "Mental stewing is the basic concocting power of the mind and begins the act of conceptualizing, turning processes into things. " (Translated and interpreted by Jonathan Watts )

"In his penchant for precision, David Bohm analyzed ways that our language deceives us about the true nature of reality. ... Bohm showed that language imposes strong, subtle pressures to see the world as fragmented and static. He emphasized that thought tends to create fixed structures in the mind, which can make dynamic entities seem to be static." (David Peet about David Bohm; Will Keepin: "David Bohm was widely considered one of the best quantum physicists of all time.")

Albert Einstein: "Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

Dan Sewell Ward: "Elementary particles [electrons, protons...] evolve in states which are wave-like [i.e. non-material], provided they are not observed. But the very act of observation causes the waves to collapse into particle states."

Pls. see also beautiful Musicvideo Symphony of Science - the Quantum World! starring Morgan Freeman, Stephen Hawking etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZGINaRUEkU

The products of Quanten Media are therefore the result of thought, observation and the act of conceptualizing.

Alfred R. Zeisel




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